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The Great Galactic “Rip” – My Take

I was reading an article today, about the current scientific theories of the expansion of the universe–and the fact that that expansion is apparently accelerating.  I have a theory of my own about that….

According to one theory, the so-called “Dark Energy” may actually be more powerful than the effect of the force of gravity.  If so, then the most distant galaxies will eventually be too far away to be seen from the earth…and in about a 50-100 billion years, or so, even the stars in our own galaxy will seemingly be flung away into the void, and finally the earth will explode, and the subatomic particles will fall apart completely.  Ouch!

But I think a far more simple explanation may be in order for what may be pushing the most distant galaxies away faster than Gravity can pull ’em back towards the center.


That’s right…I believe that simple gas pressure, like the force that expands a Helium balloon, may be what’s pushing the galaxies apart.

Physicists have already proved in laboratory experiments that what we think of as ‘vacuum’ is not really empty.  In fact, the empty reaches of space are filled with a veritable sea of “virtual” particles.  In any given location, energy fluctuations may give rise to the spontaneous creation of particle-anti-particle pairs, such as electrons and positrons, or protons and anti-protons, etc.  Now, we have seen that there really is something in the universe akin to Einstein’s “Cosmological Constant”; and in particle accelerators, Positrons and Anti-protons decay into other particles, while electrons and protons, seemingly, are stable.  (At least, the matter in our bodies are not spontaneously flashing into pure energy, so it sure feels stable, anyway…).

Given this disparity between matter and anti-matter, and given the evidence of virtual particle-antiparticle pairs in the vacuum of space, it stands to reason that somehow, matter is being created in the empty space between the galaxies.

Let’s say, for example, that an electron and a positron come into existence somewhere between the local group and the next cluster of galaxies.  There is a chance that either one of those particles may decay into another form before both are consumed in a reaction with another positron or electron from another spontaneous reaction.  But the chance of the positron disintegrating is much higher than the chance for the electron.  That means that, nine times out of ten, there is going to be a loose electron that has no antiparticle to “level out” its existence.  Given millions, billions, or even trillions of such odd-particles-out, that distant void will gradually fill up with gas–mostly hydrogen–which begins to rain down on the galaxies.   And with that gas is coming momentum–as each virtual pair emerges from the background, the energy which spawned the pair is imparted on the particles as well!  Momentum and Mass are constantly being ADDED to the universe, simply because of the lifespan of antimatter!

If I am correct, then the “Big Rip” predicted by Physicists will not happen.  Instead, over billions of years, we will be able to observe the formation of new galaxies, the rebirth of star-formation in existing galaxies, and the eternal expansion of a universe that, in fact, can NEVER die, because its birth and rebirth have never actually ended!

And, in fact, there is some evidence that this is occurring.  astronomers have detected Hydrogen gas falling into the Milky Way from ouside, from the void over what they consider the “top” of our great galaxy.  Hydrogen gas, pouring in from the void, where the decay of antimatter from virtual particle-antiparticle pairs would leave behind the protons and electrons that make it up, and imparted with the momentum resulting from the spontaneous creation of virtual particle pairs, would collectively have just enough energy to give the galaxies that minute “kick” that our physicists are observing as “Dark Energy.”  The gas itself would represent the “missing mass” that we see in the observable universe, and the momentum of creation should be just about enough to account for “dark energy.”

Thus, I suggest, we have found the true secret of the expanding universe:  The Creation has never ended.  Our universe continues to be created all around us…and therefore, maybe there IS no end.

Who knows?  It’s just my thoughts…from One who Watches.

SASS has Spoken.

— the SASS Man


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