The SASS is Back!

Okay, so….let’s just say I took a bit of a hiatus……

I’m at a new location in my home town, new set of circumstances…

…and a new lease on Internet Access, so here we go!

In the last year, we have basically all gotten a taste of the Great Depression, and it wasn’t very tasty, lemme tell you.  I lost a fairly stressful job, lost Internet and phone, lost power (twice), and finally had to lose my apartment.

Yes…I am now living with “Mom”….

At least I’m not living in my mother’s basement, like some sex-starved geeks.

In fact…I may finally have a chance to write my memoirs…erm–BLOG ENTRIES–yeah, that was it….

First, and foremost, I’d like to speak out for all the religious zealots and conspiracy theorists who keep saying “The end is NEAR!”:

No SHIT!  You really think so?  In the last ten years we’ve had more End-of-the-World movies come out of Hollywood than any other theme.  More than War movies, Romances, and horror flicks COMBINED!  We’ve seen disasters hit major population centers while the previous ones were still front-page news, and our life savings have vanished faster than we could say “Bailout!”

In simpler terms, even our kids know the score: We’re FUCKED!

Wholistic though it may be, I think at this point, my blog will be focusing a lot on the end of the world as we know it, and whatever may be coming next.

The Human Race, you see, is very resilient, and whether we’re dealing with Ragnarök, Armageddon, or just re-setting the Mayan clock, there’s hope for a future that actually has us in it.

For example, pierce through the symbolic language of Revelations chapters 19 and 20:  In there, you will see that the remnant of those who survived the Great Tribulation get to enjoy a period of peace on Earth for a thousand years.  Other religions have similar promises.  Even the tradition of the Mayan calender itself is based on the idea of a historical period BEFORE the current era, in which the world was laid waste and changed, and yet Human Beings survived and prospered.

We CAN survive.  We can even prosper.

Let me show you how……

Stay tuned!

— The SASS Man


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