A Few Gems

Here are some links to a few comments I’ve made in response to other people’s blogs from time to time. View them if you like.

Cosmic Log: Sink the Space Station?

Advice Goddess Blog

LinkSwarm Forums

Actually, there’s not much left out there on Google, unfortunately.

There are also a few beautiful things I’ve come across in my travels.

“Daughter of Kings” by Norma Peters featuring Eowyn from Lord of the Rings, as she might look as ruler of Rohan after the destruction of the One Ring.

“Got Lembas?” by Krista Schroth featuring Legolas in a wonderful Middle-Earth advertising poster for his favorite trail rations. Middle Earth never had it so good.

 Also, here are a few of my other internet points-of-presence:

My home page on Cutting Edge Communications

My “Friendstar” Profile


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