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An Officer-Involved Shooting in Spokane

Today, I watched a man die.

No, he wasn’t a Good man…I didn’t see a Good man die, I saw a bad man die. But I’ve never seen a man die before. Well, now I have.

Earlier today, I was alerted to the presence of officers and the media up the street from my house, and I went up the street to inquire about it. There was nothing really dangerous going on at the time; a report had been made that a woman was found dead in her home…apparently murdered. Officers were investigating, media was recording. A brief press conference was given, and we were told the investigation was still ongoing, and we would be advised as further information became available.

Well, fair enough.

I started towards my house, and two of the three news crews drove away. Then, I heard shouting. “It’s Him! It’s Him!” “Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground!”

I turned to look what was the commotion. At the intersection by me, not more than 30-40 feet away, a blue pickup truck was creeping around the corner. It had bypassed a barricade set up by police a block East, and was approaching police tape laid across the roadway. “Get down on the ground!” the cops continued to yell, many of them with their weapons drawn at the driver. The truch came to a stop. Slowly, the driver emerged. In his hand was a grey object, the color of a gun. It was the shape of a gun, too. And he held it…like a gun. The officers noticed it too…and they fired.

Eight shots rang out in the afternoon air, maybe more. The man collapsed and was still. The man, apparently a suspect in the woman’s murder, died there on the street, less than 20 feet from his home. And as the police ordered me and a few others back away from the scene, I realized…I’d never seem a man die before. Well…now I have.

I gave an interview to the police, of course…as well as interviews for KREM-Television, KXLY TV-4, and KHQ-6 TV. And even the Spokesman-Review; and I’ve seen myself on television already.

Well…how do I feel?

I haven’t decided yet.

SASS…has Spoken.

You can see my interviews with the three local stations on KREM.COM, KXLY.COM, and KHQ.COM.


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