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The Purpose of Life, And Other Meaningful Drivel

It has been far too long since I Blogged.

So, for the past few months, I have been following, and answering questions on a site called  The place is neat, because it allows people from all walks of life, and from any country, to ask questions; and you can add and update your credentials showing your real-world experience, and how it relates to each answer.

And one of the questions today was really quite a Dewsey:

What is the meaning of our existence? Why am I here, and what purpose do I serve to humankind?

Now, after I answered the question, some well-meaning Admin merged the, then, nascent issue into the more general, “What is the purpose of our existence?”  Hmmm…mine, the third of three answers, vs. one of a few hundred or more?  Not a good place to see my words of wisdom!

But then, I thought, “Hmmm…don’t I have some kind of a BLOG somewhere?”

So, HERE is my answer to “What is the meaning, blah, blah, blah, of existence.”

In introducing himself to Moses, God once said, “I Am that I Am.” And in so doing, He equated his existence with existence itself.

What does that mean? More literally, it means we exist simply to exist!

Existence is Life. Life is Everything. The Universe is Everything. And the Universe…is alive!

As a part of that great Universe, we bring diversity and unique thought to a conscious entity that had none before, who previously existed only in perfect patterns of crystalline thought, and who was incapable of creating anything contrary to its own purposes.

We are capable of creating things contrary to the purposes of some “Supreme Being.” And whether you call it God, or something else, that being wanted those differences. We make possible concepts and ideas that no “Perfect God” could ever envision! And so, despite so much that we see around us that we may see as “Evil,” our existence has singularly, and eternally altered the Universe forever. Our thoughts, our ideas, and our ability to create future concepts out of whole cloth will become part of the fabric of our great Universe for all time!

And THAT is the meaning of our existence!

And, of course, don’t forget: the number 42!

So…while I was at it, I took a look at some of the other questions I’d been answering.  Like:

Why is Satanism making a comeback?

Uh…Making a comeback?  Dude, I’ve got friends who’ve been part of a long line of Witches going back to the Dark Ages in Rome itself!  Satanism, Paganism, Witchcraft, and Nature deity worship have been a part of the Human experience since the beginning of organized religion!

So…I said this:

“Satanism” never had to make a “comeback.” There have been men worshiping the Devil (or, “devils”) of this planet since before Jesus was born.

What’s happening is, we have this thing called “Freedom of Religion.” Which means us “Christians” can’t keep stamping on them anymore.

Personally, I’d rather have Satanists running amok than Islamists, but that’s just my take. Better that, than one or the other group stamping on your particular version of Christian-ism, don’t you think?


Gawd, I’m glad we have the FOURTH AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION! Aren’t you?

Oh…and then someone brought up the issue of Slavery!

If owning another person as a property is wrong, why does God allow it in Leviticus 25:44-46?

And I really went through the roof, on this one!  you see, there is a vast difference between what we Humans see as “Right” or “Wrong,” and what God explicitly defines as “Sin.”  Bottom line, everything God allows us is morally permissible, even divorcing our husbands and wives.  Mind you, God DESPISES Divorce…but He allowed it, so it is morally acceptable.

Plus, He forbade us from eating Pork, so what does God know, eh?  So here’s what I told the original questioner:

If owning another person was wrong, GOD WOULD NOT ALLOW IT, Period.

Listen, much of the progress and technology we rely on to this day is possible only because of the existence of slave, or near slave labor; and without people willing to do something for next to nothing, Western society would collapse, and millions would starve TO DEATH!!!

Now, I’m just like most of you, in that I sure as HELL don’t want to actually be a slave. But Slavery in itself is not now, nor has it ever been wrong. God did not tell us to free our slaves! He told us to respect and take good care of our slaves!

Our Constitution, on the other hand, freed our slaves, and that was a good thing, in this country. However…to impose that rule on every other country in the world is just as wrong as the treatment of the African slaves in the South was wrong here. There are people who do well in captivity, believe it or not. Then again, there are many who don’t.

But either way, absolute law is absolutely wrong, no matter the time, people, or day and age the law is put in place. Slavery is wrong in America, because Americans say it is, not God. But Slavery in other countries is no more wrong than the people there proclaim it to be, and as God has never said Slavery is wrong, it is only Western people who are wrong by proclaiming this law universally to everyone in the whole world.

So, there it is.  does that mean I believe we should bring back slavery?  Well…think about what might happen if instead of “isolation,” hardened criminals in the United States were used to pave roads, and maintain America’s infrastructure, while learning trades that could be used whenever they finally get out?  No, we shouldn’t import impoverished foreigners and treat them like crap, ever, ever again.  But somewhere between what was done in the South, and what happens to this day in Bangladesh and India, or between there and the Forced Labor of South Korea, Human labor could indeed solve more than a few problems…and with legislation and sufficient oversight, it might even be kept humane!  Not…that it would necessarily be so, Humans will be Humans, after all.  But it would still be better than the current practices of Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery, sweat shops, and the exploitation of poverty that sustains the world’s need for slave-level labor that keep our grocery and department stores stocked world-wide.

Think about it.

SASS has Spoken.


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Political Fanaticism or Religious Extremism – What’s the Difference?

Recently, an article on the Discussion/Blog/Forum site SodaHead posed the question, Which is Worse, Religious Extremism, or Political Fanaticism?

Well, first, let me address these two ideas.  On the one hand, we have people who are so obsessed with something, whether it be a God, or a philosophical point of view, that they’re willing to do ANYTHING–die for it, kill for it…talk about it until you want to kill THEM, whatever–to make everyone they see believe in what THEY believe.  This is Religious Extremism, and we see this in the news nearly every day, throughout the Islamic world. On the other hand, we have people whose sole agenda is power–power at any cost, including the cost in lives.  We see that in South America, in Central Africa, and even in the former Soviet countries since the fall of the USSR.  But even the great Socialist Experiment itself was a form of Political Extremism, taken to the opposite direction, the Forced Equalization of All “Citizens” through mass enslavement.

But what’s the real difference?  In the end, anyone who doesn’t think like the political or religious Extreme Fanatic will ultimately suffer at his hand.

Listen, I am a scholar of history, and in my experience, the single most dangerous situation occurs when religious people become involved–as the “moral Majority”, the “Conservative Press”, Skullbones, the Masons, the Mob, and even the phreaking Orthodox are right now–in POLITICS! The vast majority of Political Fanaticism in this country is itself Religious Extremism! And the situation becomes much, MUCH WORSE when the Religious Extremist is also Political.  Because these are the kinds of people who take Fanaticism above and beyond mere power and bullying. These become men like Adolph Hitler.  Genghis Khan.  Joseph Stalin.  Even the Popes during the Dark Ages…name one, trust me. What we see happening right now in American Politics HAS HAPPENED once before. It all started when the Emperor of Rome adopted a Religion, and became the first Pope, Emperor Constantine. His Religious Government eventually consumed nearly all of Europe, devastated the Native Tribes of central and south America, and the merger of Religious Extremism with Political Fanaticism lead to FOUR HUNDRED YEARS OF THE DARK AGES and to the Inquisition and Witch Hunts that KILLED MILLIONS!!!  And guess what? It even took a Political Fanatic named Napolean to snap them back into simple Religious Extremists. I mean it was just that bad!

So where do we fit in this? Listen to the politicians speak when they’re asked about religious issues. Every damn one of them! You can’t find a politician with any hope of getting elected who doesn’t also have strong religious feelings of one sort or another. And that condition leads inevitably towards another: that Power Corrupts; and that Absolute Power corrupts…ABSOLUTELY! Wherever we see religious sects influencing, or even controlling political institutions, we see unbelievable examples of corruption and inhumanity. It is happening here. It WILL happen here. One cannot say that one of these conditions is worse than the other. Separately, these two can NEVER compare to an institution that combines both. Because as you can see, they are a marriage made, literally, in HELL.

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About my religion

I was watching an episode of “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” recently; it was an episode where Herk gets lost at sea, and lands in the fabled land of Atlantis.  A girl there asked Herk if he still believes in the gods.  Herk replies, “I don’t have much choice.  My father is one.”

Actually, I find myself in a very similar condition.  I have memories pre-dating my current lifespan, where I served God directly as an angel.  This is part of the reason that I know that our souls exist apart from our bodies physical chemistry, because I existed before I was “Born”.  I believe, like most Christians, that Jesus Christ was born, lived a perfect life, and then was murdered, but rose again on the third day.  But more than that–I REMEMBER these things!  I watched it happen, or alot of it.

And I watched what happened in heaven, when–instead of punishing those responsible for the torture and murder of God’s own son–he poured his wrath down…ON HIS SON!!!

There was horror in heaven, when that happened.  So few of the angels really understood what God meant when he sent HIM as a “Savior”.  We didn’t even have a WORD for the name of God, or His aspects then…nothing translatable into Human speech, anyway.  Amongst ourselves, we spoke in whole concepts, paragraphs and entire essays in a single glimmer of thought.  That was God down there, poured into one of those chemical sacks, not unlike one would seal a hunk of meat into a can.  But then, you can’t put the whole cow into a can, any more than you could put all of God into a mortal body.  The rest remained; but it was silent, inert.  Jesus was there, bound by time and mortality; and the entity we knew–which I can’t even put a name to, He was that great–was missing.  I mean, He was just missing from Heaven…His power was gone!  Bound, down there, in a Mortal form that had only a small fraction of His former energy.

And then the Jews murdered him…and in His righteous wrath, God poured out his vengeance on the VICTIM of their crime–and finally, I understood the concept of a “Sacrifice”.  You see, what Jesus identified as Sin is far more than the human concept of “A little white lie”, or a “Big black lie”, or a Murder, or sexual infidelity, or any other of the actions we humans are capable of taking that are equated with wrongness or evil.

Sin is evil energy.  It ebbs and flows a lot like electricity, and the medium of travel is the human soul, NOT the body chemistry.  If you picture the oil rupture in the Gulf of Mexico, and the insidious way it poisoned fish and seabirds wholly unseen by the human eye, that’s kind of like the way sin works.  When humans commit an act that is wrong, the poison creeps into them like that poison back oil.

But also, when we THINK a thing that is evil, the poison spreads within us.  Thoughts…willing, willful thoughts and deeds that are dark–like hate, greed, lust, and so on–open holes within the energy that is “us” and the poison fills them.

When Jesus died, and was punished by God in our place, he created the means to remove this toxic energy from our souls.  I can’t begin to describe how it actually works…I don’t even think Quantum scientists have yet put words to the concepts necessary to describe the effect that Jesus’ sacrifice had on the dark energy called “Sin”, but suffice it to say that Jesus was able to “Funnel away” the stuff, literally take it away from across all time and space, and then LEAVE IT IN THE ABYSS when He was resurrected on the third day.

Somehow, only by punishing the one who was actually INNOCENT of sin, God was able to cleans all of those who were contaminated by sin.

Would that it were possible to clean up oil-soaked seabirds that way….

SASS has Spoken

— the SASS Man

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OKAY, it had to happen.

My first DRUNK blog.

That’s right, I currently am PLASTERED beyond rational description.  And I won’t even tell you how many times I have already back-spaced to correct the spelling in this post.

Fortunately, I have this wonderful system that allows me to correct my typing before I actually submit something…yeah.  God Bless the mighty Spell Checker.

Anyway…I am feeling no pain.   My downstairs neighbor is cool enough to be a partier-magnet.  That is, there are seemingly ALWAYS people visiting.  –And drinking.  Lots of beer flows in the little appartment downstairs.  Lots of cigaretts burn to ashes on the balcony just downstairs from my own.

And this evening, I could smell the smoke, and I heard VOICES, MAN!!!  (And they weren’t in my head–that was the whole problem.)  So–I went out on my balcony tonight…and my neighbor said, “What are you up to?”

And I said…”Not much.”


I grabbed a fith of Potter’s Vodka out of my larder…and I went downstairs…and I knocked on the door.  My neighbor’s friend answered.  And I said…”Is this a private party…or can anybody join?”  …and I waved the bottle…and he let me in.

That bottle is empty now…and I’m happy.

You see, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to drink alone.

I’ve had a cupboard full of booze for, like…six months.  And with no friends who drink, I haven’t touched a DROP!!  That bottle of VODKA has sat there untouched since 2006.   (Normally, I’m a Tequilla drinker, and my last drinking  group in 2008 was a buncha Mexicans…duh.)  So…Vodka time.

I drank about half of the bottle myself…the rest, I shared with the group.  And, as I said, I’m good and drunk.

Life is good.

SASS has spoken.

P.s., Idid I actually say anything about the party?  No?  Well..I guess that’s a subject for ANOTHER blog entry…sorry.

I’m too drunk to talk about that……..

— the SASS Man

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