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Political Fanaticism or Religious Extremism – What’s the Difference?

Recently, an article on the Discussion/Blog/Forum site SodaHead posed the question, Which is Worse, Religious Extremism, or Political Fanaticism?

Well, first, let me address these two ideas.  On the one hand, we have people who are so obsessed with something, whether it be a God, or a philosophical point of view, that they’re willing to do ANYTHING–die for it, kill for it…talk about it until you want to kill THEM, whatever–to make everyone they see believe in what THEY believe.  This is Religious Extremism, and we see this in the news nearly every day, throughout the Islamic world. On the other hand, we have people whose sole agenda is power–power at any cost, including the cost in lives.  We see that in South America, in Central Africa, and even in the former Soviet countries since the fall of the USSR.  But even the great Socialist Experiment itself was a form of Political Extremism, taken to the opposite direction, the Forced Equalization of All “Citizens” through mass enslavement.

But what’s the real difference?  In the end, anyone who doesn’t think like the political or religious Extreme Fanatic will ultimately suffer at his hand.

Listen, I am a scholar of history, and in my experience, the single most dangerous situation occurs when religious people become involved–as the “moral Majority”, the “Conservative Press”, Skullbones, the Masons, the Mob, and even the phreaking Orthodox are right now–in POLITICS! The vast majority of Political Fanaticism in this country is itself Religious Extremism! And the situation becomes much, MUCH WORSE when the Religious Extremist is also Political.  Because these are the kinds of people who take Fanaticism above and beyond mere power and bullying. These become men like Adolph Hitler.  Genghis Khan.  Joseph Stalin.  Even the Popes during the Dark Ages…name one, trust me. What we see happening right now in American Politics HAS HAPPENED once before. It all started when the Emperor of Rome adopted a Religion, and became the first Pope, Emperor Constantine. His Religious Government eventually consumed nearly all of Europe, devastated the Native Tribes of central and south America, and the merger of Religious Extremism with Political Fanaticism lead to FOUR HUNDRED YEARS OF THE DARK AGES and to the Inquisition and Witch Hunts that KILLED MILLIONS!!!  And guess what? It even took a Political Fanatic named Napolean to snap them back into simple Religious Extremists. I mean it was just that bad!

So where do we fit in this? Listen to the politicians speak when they’re asked about religious issues. Every damn one of them! You can’t find a politician with any hope of getting elected who doesn’t also have strong religious feelings of one sort or another. And that condition leads inevitably towards another: that Power Corrupts; and that Absolute Power corrupts…ABSOLUTELY! Wherever we see religious sects influencing, or even controlling political institutions, we see unbelievable examples of corruption and inhumanity. It is happening here. It WILL happen here. One cannot say that one of these conditions is worse than the other. Separately, these two can NEVER compare to an institution that combines both. Because as you can see, they are a marriage made, literally, in HELL.


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A Time-Honored Political Institution

In recent weks I’ve seen alot of posts about the “Deline of marriage”, and the “breakop of marriages” and the drive to legalize gay and lesbian marriages, and a whole host of things about how bad it is in this country for marriages, and I have a few things to say about marriage that I think really ought to be considered before taking any side in these various debates.

First of all, we live in a country that sees itself as a bastion of freedom.  Now, I think that fact is critically important when regarding the subject of marriage.  Historically, marriage has been a purely political institution, all but unnecessary for the common people, and had been frequently been used as a form of low-impact slavery even up to the present day.  Throughout the third world, there still are girls basically sold off by their parents into arranged marriages, and the draconian laws on many books make it nearly impossible to escape from a life that has been imposed on young people–both men and women in some cases–for fear of being ostracized, persecuted, or worse.

In our own country, people often fare as bad, as, up until the 1960s and ’70s, teenagers who had sex outside of marriage were persecuted, and in some cases prosecuted for it.  Now we stand at a threshold where sex between consenting adults is acceptible, and a portion of our teenagers are sexually active in high and grade school, and we decry the failure of marriage and the breakdown of morals in our schools.  Why is this a problem?

Rest assured, there are alot fewer problems in the jungles of South America, where the native tribes don’t deal with political infrastructure or organized religion.  These are what really turn marriages into prisons to begin with.  As a political institution, marriage involves a unification of personal property, a legally binding contract, and in most cases, a religious recognition and vow.  It is a process of bringing together two lives under contract, and in no cases has any built-in guarantee (or, often any association at all) of love.

Love, you see, is the point of this pathetic story.  Marriage, as an institution, is no guarantee of love, and the fact is, marriage is not necessary in any way for love.  So, in effect, if two people truely want to be happy together, you can get rid of the “Institution” of marriage altogether, and this country will be perfectly fine.  We would eliminate the spectre of messy divorce, we could stop wasting millions on marriage counseling, and we could probably put those pretty white dresses to even more creative and fun purposes.

The point is that we don’t need marriage at all!  We don’t need to worry about teenage sex.  We need to worry about keeping people who are happy together safe from religious and political institutions who want to control them for political ends!  This is PRECISELY what happened during the 14-16th centuries when the church imposed harsh penalties (Burnings, beheaddings, hanging, torture) for extramarital sex, and forced couples to marry “Forever”–i.e., no divorce.  Back in those days, the peasants had it easy in that area–more wealthy families arranged marriages for political gain.  Anyone remember the marriage of Charles and Di?  Plenty of politics there.

In short, the political ramifications of marriage poison the concept of marriage, and that’s not something that the divorce rate or gay marriage have anything to do with.  If marriage is in trouble in this country, it is not because someone is having sex outside of marriage, or because someone wants to marry a gay lover.  It’s because we live in a free country, and we don’t have to live with your political poison anymore.

Long live the people!  Down with “political institutions!”

SASS has Spoken.

 — the SASS Man

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