Here’s SASS!

The SASS man is the consumate outsider, watching the world unfold with detached amusement.

Thus, while many are deeply affected by the events unfolding in the modern world, SASS can expound the virtues of horrors and the problem with seemingly wonderful situations with the same clear understanding as their opposite. This political and social neutrality allows him to assess the full impact of world events and get to the real meaning behind them.

Social commentary – that is the point of Wholistic Blogging. And this is certainly a Wholistic Blog.

“I wait … I watch … I endure.”



  1. Peter said

    I was just watching Rattle & Hum on VH-1, and went browsing for the Iniskillin bombing and picked up your site. Great essay – I was totally with you – that is, until the last paragraph. I’m not a warmongering neo-con, nor an apologist for the Bush administration and the Iraq war. But on today, 9/11, having watched once again the terrible events of that ungoldy act of terrorism, I was reminded of how I felt on that day. And I think much of our actions taken since against terrorists in Afghanistan, and Iraq, and Pakistan, and elsewhere, are justified, though a necessary evil.

    Again, great essay, and I appreciated all of the linkages between all of the Bloody Sundays.

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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